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CRM Integration
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"Effectively accumulating referrals makes your sales possibilities limitless" - Richard Ashton

Richard Ashton is the founder of Ashton Consulting Group. Richard is passionate about his proven successful sales system that he's developed using his 30+ years of experience as a sales leader, nationally recognized sales producer, business consultant, and turnaround specialist.

  • Personalized Sales Training
  • Group Sales Training Sessions
  • Sales Consulting & Business Turnaround
  • Sales Speaking Engagements

Mr. Ashton was 1 of 250 individuals selected out of 10,000 applicants to be trained by the NCR Corporation in their 7 month computer sales training program. The NCR Corporation sales training program was considered the top Fortune 500 company sales program in the country.

Sales History

  • Attended #1 Nationally Ranked Fortune 500 Sales Training Program
  • Top Performing National Sales Training Graduate
  • Nationally Recognized Sales Producer
  • Nationally Recognized District Manager
  • Nationally Recognized OSJ In Production for an Independent Broker Dealer
  • Successfully Trained 100's Of Salespeople
  • Built Sales Departments Under Various Verticals
  • Chief Sales Officer
  • Successfully Developed Powerful Sales Systems For Companies
  • Consulted and Invested in Start-ups
  • Trained Start-up Entrepreneurs On Selling
  • CRM Installation and Training
  • And More

Background & Credentials

  • Economics Professor | Monmouth University
  • Masters of Science Finance | Monmouth University
  • Bachelor of Science Business | Rowan University
  • Founder & Operating Principal | Registered Broker Dealer
  • Founder & Managing Principal | Registered Investment Advisory Firm
  • Certified Fund Specialist
  • Registered Financial Consultant
  • Former Securities Registered Representative
  • Former Registered Securities Principal
  • Former Registered Options Principal
  • Former Registered Investment Advisor
  • Computer Science Program | NCR Corporation
  • Financial Accounting Systems | NCR Corporation

Why Ashton Consulting?

We Make Increasing Your Wealth Easy

Powerful BusinessBuilder Programs

Tired of struggling to find the right business model?

  • Strategic capital and/or private equity.
  • Discover our #1 secret to helping you reach your business goals.
  • Increase clarity and confidence through personalized laser-focused coaching and breakthrough sales strategies.
  • Experienced training and content that sets you up for instant and lasting business success.

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Easily Manage
Your Sales Activity

ZOHO | Installation and Training
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology for managing all your company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers; and we've been installing, implementing and training professionals to use CRM software since 1990 after discovering its importance to the sales process.

ZOHO CRM is a cloud based solution that helps you track sales activities, predict customer behavior, automate, and keep sales processes streamlined.

Predict Customer Behavior
Zoho is highly scalable and customizable to your business's needs — because it is a comprehensive CRM software, you can start by using just the basic features, then implement advanced functionalities as your business grows.

  • Sales Lead Management.
  • Automated Tasks.
  • Email integration.
  • Social CRM.
  • Google AdWords integration.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Inventory management.
  • Macros.
  • Unlimited records.

Keep Sales Processes Streamlined
From sending emails to customers to following up with leads to updating required fields, there's a lot you need to do everyday. Workflow rules help you get that work out of the way by automatically triggering those actions when specified conditions are met. Set up to 10 conditions for a single rule, and increase the power of a single workflow 10 times.

  • Reach your customers across any channel.
  • Simplify and speed up the way you sell.
  • Sell smarter with AI-powered alerts, predictions, and solutions.
  • Improve the quality of leads, win-rate, and overall productivity.
  • Plan, measure, and manage your progress.
  • Personalize your CRM to work the way you do.

The best marketing campaigns produce quality leads for your sales team. From landing pages to contact forms, capture customer information in CRM with one step. Zoho CRM offers both customizable and pre-built web forms that turn your digital marketing campaigns into lead generation machines.

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Ashton Consulting has helped over 100 businesses and a kind word from a past client speaks volumes.

"Richard has been a great asset to our team in the development of our business, is a hard worker, very persistent and has been a great mentor and friend"
-Justin Gaither and Dan Thibodeau
Founders: Roomsurf

"I have worked with many sales professionals and have been exposed to many business experts in my career, and Mr. Ashton has been the strongest performer I've engaged"
-Todd Johnson
Owner/CMO: SKM Media Group

"Richard executed on his promise to bring PlasmaPage, our Adobe InDesign digital conversion product, to the United States. We enjoyed his humor and persistence"
-Thomas Baggio
Founder: Inside a Bit, Italy

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